Types of Loads that Sack Vacuum Lifters Handle

Sack Vacuum Lifters have become the easiest way to move loads in industries and warehouses. They ably handle various products when well chosen and proper care taken during handling. Manufacturers have not disappointed too, as they have designed various lifters for a variety of lifting needs. This makes it easier for a shopper to go for what they actually need. Of course there are exceptions where one sack vacuum lifter can handle various products, but it is important that every lifting device be used for its rightful purpose to ensure longevity.

sack vacuum lifters

Sack vacuum lifters are designed to handle various loads. These include:

1. Boxed Goods – Manufacturing industries for various kinds of goods including utensils, books, foodstuff and electrical items have varieties of sack vacuum lifters to choose from. Their prices vary depending on size, quality and design. When going for boxed goods lifter, a shopper should find out if it achieves high precision, has an angle adaptor that allows it to attach suction cap at the bottom, top and sides. At the same time, the lifter needs to be easily adjusted for both right-handed as well as left-handed operators.

2. Sheet Panels – Sheet panel lifters that must work extremely well because sheet panels need fragile handling. When choosing one, the buyer must ensure it can be easily installed in most conditions, including low head rooms. A sheet panel lifter that needs small space is ideal for someone who has limited operational area. It must be able to grip sheets from any position, meaning it needs to have a 90 degree manual tilt. Look for a sheet panel that functions even when there is power loss because nothing can get destroyed during the handling process. A panel manufacturer could look at advanced sack vacuum lifters available at the moment.

3. Cardboard Boxes – These are goods that need fragile handling too. Most manufacturers of wines and other alcoholic beverages use the cardboard box lifter to load and offload goods. When the device has a remote control unit, it allows the operator to take full control of the vacuum pump. The latest cardboard lifters are fitted with the automatic shut down. This feature allows the machine to stop functioning as soon as its functions are complete. When shopping for this device, take a look at vacuum lifting equipment Australia offers available currently. Check out Millsom Materials Handling

4. Paper and Plastic – Most industries need the paper and plastic lifter to package a variety of products. When shopping for this item, a buyer needs to look for an item that works well with porous as well as non-porous materials. Look for a sack vacuum lifter that can be easily opened, steadily held to have its contents emptied into other containers with minimal effort. Since it is bound to handle uneven surfaces especially frozen products, look for a lifter that has a rubber gasket on its suction foot.

5. Metal Reels – Metallic items are handled in several manufacturing industries. Since they are heavy, choose durable hoisting equipment to help in safe lifting and lowering of these loads.

6. Drums and Barrels – They are large items that need a very steady sack vacuum lifter as well as chain hoist. A shopper must ensure whatever lifter they choose will provide the best services.

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