Understanding Boat License Training (Courses Taken in Victoria, Australia)

Melbourne, Victoria residents spend most of their time in the nearby beaches engaging in water sporting activities including skiing, fishing, scuba diving, cruising and racing motor boats; it is no wonder the majority of people love the thrill that comes with oceanic waters. If you are looking to own or operate a marine boat here, whether it is for commercial or personal use, then you must be a holder of a valid licence that is recognized by the marine authorities. This licence requires persons driving a powered vessel with a speed of more than 10knots to have a boat driver’s licence. You can apply for one after attending lessons and acquiring skills from a boat licence training Victoria course.

Types of licence

There are four types of licence that one can qualify for after a successful completion of boat training Vic course. This includes:

·         General Licence

This is the most common licence and is applicable for persons aged 16 years and over. A general licence permits the holder to drive any vessel except for a Personal Watercraft (PWC).

·         General Young Adult Licence

A general young adult licence is restricted for applicants aged between 12 and 16 years. This type of licence is issued under specific conditions such as;

–      The young adult driver must be accompanied by a general licence holder when travelling with the speed of 10 knots or more.

–      The licence holder should never exceed 20 knots

–      Never participate in any race, display or competition

–      Should never operate a PWC unless in the company of a Young Adult PWC Licence holder.

·         PWC Licence

Personal Watercraft Licence is a must for all persons operating a privately owned vessel regardless of what speed it is being driven. In order to be awarded this licence the General Licence test must be passed first.

·         Young Adult PWC Licence

Boat drivers from the age of 12 to 16 can apply for the Young Adult PWC Licence but must as well pass the General Young Adult Licence test.

Before applying to any licence it is important that you take the boat licence training in VIC because the ultimate test is usually not easy to pass for a lot of people. To boost your chances of obtaining the licence of your choice, enroll to a well reorganized boat courses VIC  school that has dedicated trainers who are highly qualified and extremely professional.

A great boat licence training Victoria institution will teach you how to make adequate plans and preparations for an upcoming boating trip, how to run and operate a motorized vessel on open water and also teach you proper emergency response when an accident or a challenging situation arises while you are on the water. Above everything else you will grasp the important theoretical knowledge and skills so you can easily apply it during your practical test and your general driving experience.

Consider enrolling to Gascoigne Training and Assessment School, the leading provider of boat licence training Victoria, Australia has, as well as other marine training. It is so much easy to acquire a boat licence once you are trained by the best.

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