Coast Guard License Exam Preparation

Instead of our creating a description of the benefits to be derived from use of this 222-page workbook, here are some testimonials from reviewers and users:

“In our opinion, your on-the-water experience plus a few basic books (Chapmans, Gonder’s The Coast Guard License from Six-Pac to Master 100 tons) may be just as helpful as an expensive set of self-help guides.”
Powerboat Reports, The Consumer Resource for the Powercraft Owner, Feb., 1993.

“The book is written in a highly personal style, mixing advice, commentary on Coast Guard procedures and good explanations of test procedures. All topics on the exam are covered, some ingeniously.”
Practical Sailor, Mar., 1994

“I just want to say attain that your seminar at Lake Tahoe was outstanding. I am enclosing an order for your book…”
E.M. Gunderson, Chief Justice, Supreme Court of Nevada

“I got the book in February and passed the test in May and was immediately offered weekend work on a local fishing boat. The book was a great help. I knew nothing about piloting when I started.”
Patrick Peterson, Biloxi, MS

These testimonials and many more are included on the back cover of the actual book, but the best endorsement will be your own License, after you use the video volumes and this book to pass your Coast Guard License test.

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